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  1. Quick view Kratzbaum Anne ist purer Luxus – optisch und als Spielplatz für verwöhnte Katzen


    Anne: The scratching tree as luxury playground and top-class sleeping place Scratching tree Anne in its basic version: - all elements of birch wood, untreated - three round beds, removable, washable - one hammock, unlined, washable - two cosy houses, removable, washable - one scratching barrel/rétro barrel diameter 42 cm with two entries - one sisal roll - birch wood bottom plate (100 x 70 cm) - sisal poles: diameter 12 cm, lengths 110 cm, 90 cm, 40 cm, 3 x 50 cm - total height: approx. 190 cm Luxury equipment + luxury finishing The luxuriously equipped big scratching tree Anne has everything that cats love, and this in more than one application and it is „Pet Fun“ stable. With its three cosy beds, 2 cosy houses, one hammock and the cosy beds inside the scratching barrel the opulent scratching tree offers a lot of bed surfaces for cats needing rest – by the way: all sleeping places on our scratching trees are so big and comfortable that also several cats like to cuddle up together in one. Scratching tree Anne perhaps costs a bit more expensive, however the opinion of our customers is that it is worth every cent. The reason: all elements and details on this and all our other scratching trees are from the best materials and treated craftingly of high-quality – there are the pure wooden poles smelling marvellously of wood, so that cats are magically attracted. The removable beds of beautiful and easy-to-clean cotton still look as new even after many years of use. Make your small and big cats purr – Create your personal scratching tree! Learn More

    Regular Price: €649.00

    Special Price: €609.00

  2. Quick view JOY XL

    JOY XL

    Joy – Scratching tree and rest place for your cat in one go You want to buy your cat a scratching tree? Who looks for a scratching tree, knows how difficult this decision may be: one is too shaky for wild cats, another does not offer enough sleeping places to allow the beloved cats to lounge around somewhere. And others are so suspicious as far as the material in concerned that our four-legged friends do not accept them. Scratching tree Joy fills our animal and human customers with enthusiasm. The natural scratching tree with its stable sisal poles invites to climb and to whet the claws on it. In the cosy beds and in the hammocks a perfect dream into the day is guaranteed. Well choosen materials for durable scratching trees As for all our scratching trees we use high quality materials also for the natural wooden scratching tree Joy - birch wood and sisal for the poles and frames, cotton fabric without loops for all sleeping places such as beds and hammocks. Some cats approach the hammocks very carefully – so as they are by nature – however, they take immediately possession of the cosy beds. With the head put on the thick and softly upholstered top of the bed, your cat may doze or watch closely the neighbourhood. The advantage: The beds are fixed with extra strong Velcro tape and can be removed for washing. So, the scratching tree is not only functional but also an eyecatcher for your living room. And remains it for years. Scratching tree Joy in its basis version - Wooden bottom plate (birch) 60 x 60 cm - Birch wood elements - Sisal poles: diametre 12 cm: lengths 110 cm, 90 cm, 50 cm, 40 cm - Total height: approx. 170 cm - two removable and washable beds - two hammocks, unlined And the assembling only takes 30 minutes. Promised! Learn More

    Regular Price: €391.90

    Special Price: €349.00

  3. Quick view Sisalrole for the wall

    Sisalrole for the wall

    screws included,(brick walls) washable, cotton or microfibre bed (ca. 42 cm) diameter: approx. 30 cm / length approx. 54cm carpet inside and framed with sisalrope Learn More

    Regular Price: €79.95

    Special Price: €69.95

  4. Quick view Scratching Tree Barbara by Pet Fun


    Barrel with two entrances and a bed on top height: approx. 62 cm diametre: approx. 42 cm hammock with hammock underneath - 42 cm washable round bed. bottom plate: 60 x 60 cm birk multiplex length of the poles: 110 cm / 2 x 30 cm / 1 x 40 cm Height: approx. 165 cm Photo: 14 cm poles in transparent varnish and big hammock Learn More

    Regular Price: €319.00

    Special Price: €309.00

  5. Quick view Danuta - Scratching Tree by Pet Fun


    Barrel with two entrances and a bed on top height: approx. 62 cm diametre: approx. 42 cm hanging cave, hammock with hammock underneath, 42 cm washable round bed Birch wood elements bottom plate: 60 x 60 cm birk multiplex length of the poles: 110 cm / 2 x 40cm / 2 x 30cm Height: approx. 210 cm Photo: 14 cm poles and oiled in walnut colour Learn More

    Regular Price: €379.00

    Special Price: €359.00

  6. Quick view Mit Sisal-Retrotonne und diversen Bettchen wird Kratzbaum Nilay Schlafplatz und Spielzimmer für Katzen in einem


    Scratching tree Nilay – Pet Fun’s fun-park for your cat Our scratching trees follow a fixed system, because we develop continuously further in order to find the perfect sleeping and playing place for your cat. Pet Fun’s scratching tree Nilay with the advantages of retro barrel and scratching tree makes it a beautiful combination. Our scratching trees are all designed to be stable to stand the wildest romping around – and thanks to the integrated retro barrel, absolutely nothing can shake scratching tree Nilay. Even if many cats are chasing around. Your cats will doze like above the clouds in the beds and hammock of scratching tree Nilay….Special about our cosy places….they are: 1. Permanently beautiful: The Pet Fun beds are made of cotton fabric without loops, so that there is no risk of injury for your cat and no unpleasant threads can be taken out. 2. Well fixed: The beds are fixed on the wooden plates with strong Velcro tape 3. Hygienic: Our beds are removable and can be washed at 60° in the washing machine By the way: Breeders like recommanding our scratching trees! Our customer reviews concerning scratching tree Nilay! „The material is great.“ „We are all simply thrilled.“ „Sometimes we wash the beds and they still look nearly new.“ „Certainly not the last purchase from Pet Fun!“ „The scratching tree was mounted in a flash.“ „The mercedes amongst the scratching trees.“ Scratching tree Nilay in its basic version: - untreated birch wood - one sisal barrel with two oval entries, diametre 42 cm, height 90 cm - bottom plate (60 x 60 cm) of birch wood - three washable round beds, fixed with Velcro - two flat beds in the sisal barrel - one hammock, unlined - total height approx. 175 cm - sisal poles: diametre 12 cm, lengths 110 cm, 90 cm, 2 x 40 cm You have a different idea of your scratching tree? Ask us for special constructions and individual combinations. Pet Fun makes everything possible (nearly)! Learn More

    Regular Price: €541.00

    Special Price: €509.00

  7. Quick view Katharina der Kratzbaum mit Rundelementen


    Retrotun with pillows inside: climbing aide - bed - poles: 48,5 cm - 40 cm - 50cm / Height: approx. 155 cm Round bottom plate d=67 cm / 27 mm Learn More

    Regular Price: €279.00

    Special Price: €259.00

  8. Quick view  Ida


    1 x Hammock / cave with terrasse. 1 x mounting plate. 3 xbed / hammocks and beds are washable 3 x wallholders birk poles: 2 x 40 - 3 x 30 - 1 x 50 cm height: ca. 160 cm /It depends on you in which height you install the tree to your wall screws for brickwalls including Learn More

    Regular Price: €329.00

    Special Price: €309.00

  9. Quick view EMMA – Decken - Kratzbaum für Katzen, die hoch hinaus wollen


    washable beds - hammock with hammock underneath - hanging cave - big sisal role with bed - climbing aide - birk- bottom plate 60 x 60 cm with scratching place / tree up to the ceiling - poles: 90 cm / 40 cm / 48,8 cm / 50 cm / 50 cm + individual ceiling pole Learn More

    Regular Price: €349.00

    Special Price: €339.00

  10. Quick view Kratzbaum mit Kuschelkuhle


    product description: 2x washable round beds - 2 x hammock -Birch elements- bottom plate: 60 x 60 cm birch multiplex length of the poles: 110/90/50/40cm Height: ca. 170 cm Learn More

    Regular Price: €239.00

    Special Price: €229.00

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